Is it too late to follow you out?

Aria sighed as she took a last look at her dorm, the old one. The room isn’t hers anymore, it’s some freshman’s. For the sake of her dorm, she sure hopes the freshman has a good music taste because these walls were once decorated by Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park posters and if the freshman dare put up Justin Bieber posters she swears… well, the freshman has a right, to be honest, it’s her dorm after all.

Skip classes, take chances, have fun

Cause when it’s over it is done

If she had to be honest, she didn’t take that many chances during her Senior year, ‘nor did she skip classes. She had fun, at least for the first six months before people started to disappear to nowhere. Then the endless nights of studying started, maybe she just wanted to make her parents proud.

"Are you really going to get all sentimental again?" She heard.

She turned her head to see Adam with her last suitcase. It’s a wonder the boy would help her, really, she really thought he wouldn’t bother to help her in any way. She rolled her eyes. “Of course not, why would I?” She checked her phone and scrolled through her contacts until she reached the letter G.

Grey, Andy.

She looked up from her phone and noticed Adam was already on his way to the elevator. She sighed one more time before pressing the delete button on her phone. Why would she keep a number on her phone that she knew she’d never call again?

"Hey, Aria, hurry up!" She heard Adam shout.

"Oh shut up!" She shouted back. She put her phone back in her pocket and walked to the elevator. "So we’re going to start from California all the way to New York, right?" She smiled up at him.

"And then Columbia."

"Yep, good old Columbia."

Everything we know could change

Will you remember my name?

Currently rewatching BBC’s Sherlock and my Johnlock feelings!

Uhm… so… I’m sorry about that I just needed to get that out there somewhere. As a girl who hasn’t seen the guy she likes someone in… months, I don’t know what else to do and Steph is nowhere to be found, I can’t find Wave either.

Where the hell is everyone?!

Oh yeah, I’m sick and I keep sneezing every five seconds but I don’t care because I just drank a Slurpee, I’m so hardcore.

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I Can’t Not Love You - Every Avenue

The moment you kissed me

I knew I was risking it all

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No one got hurt, thankfully. Well, I must say that it was pretty.. from the aerial view of the plane when it hadn’t caught fire yet. :))

The plane caught on fire? Thank God you’re still alive.

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That’s it. I haven’t, either. We were close, but the flight got cancelled and we detoured. Second time, the plane almost crashed. Brilliant, right?

Crashed?! Oh wow, no one was hurt right? My parents went there last year but they left me here, sad story.

The Music Room


When Bea realised that the room wasn’t empty, her fight or flight instincts kicked it, regardless of whoever was in there. “Oh… shit,” she rubbed her face. “Sorry, I-I was just- I thought it was empty,” she started, sitting down on the bench pushed up against the wall. “Guess I wasn’t the only one who needed to get some time with the ivories, eh?” she asked, blinking once to clear her vision. Her eyes were pretty dry, and they probably looked bloodshot to the only other occupant of the room. Who seemed to be Aria Rivers. Fan-fucking-tastic. She crossed her arms, though she wasn’t in the mood for snarkiness.

Aria shook her head slowly, “No…,” she trailed off, eyes still on Bea. The girl looked like she wasn’t okay at all, and maybe she was concerned a little about her. She thought of letting her play the piano, but she had been waiting to play the piano in a long time, and she wasn’t just going to let some girl take the only available piano in the room when she clearly got it first. “Are you going to stay here or…?” She was getting really uncomfortable with the other girl’s presence in the room, she can’t play with her around.

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Well.. I think it’s unique because you’re the first person I’ve met with that name, and that’s unique enough for me. :)

You’re flattering me. Seriously though, Italy Italy Italy, I’ve never been to Italy before.

The Music Room


There were days that Bea was actually productive, helping with bake sales and advertising companies and posing for products just to piss the hell out of her family. Unfortunately, those were hard to come by. All she did that day was walk around campus, maybe buy stuff at the mall, or lay around her bed. It was, all in all, an average day. Her mood swings were getting unpredictable, but usually made her worse.

It was then a thought struck her mind. Maybe she could play that piano over at the music rooms. She was far too tired to think of any sort of remix to make, and the kitchens were already closed. With a groan, she trudged to the place she wanted to go, arms crossed and uncomfortable at the heat that came, even at the night times.

“Fucker,” she cursed, muttering more expletives under her breath until she reached her destination. Without much of a thought, she pushed the door to the only unlocked music room open, unaware that someone else was already in there. I am so out of it. Hell.

When Aria heard the door open, she immediately stopped playing. When she plays the piano at night, it’s usually for therapy, that means no one else should be in the room, not even a teacher or the janitor. She looked at the direction of the door and a frown formed on her face.

Standing there was Beatrice Beaufort, one of the few people that she actually hated. She was wondering why she was still there if she thought Thompson wasn’t a good school, she should just drop out, that’d make her time in Thompson way more peaceful, not that she ever talked to her. She decided to speak up, “What are you doing here?”

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She had to take some sort of writing course in Europe, stayed there, and I got transferred here to take her place. Thanks, most people find it.. weird.

Oh, well, good luck to her, I guess… I don’t think it’s weird, it’s unique unlike mine. Aria’s not the most unique name ever, you know, it’s a guy’s name in some countries.

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It’s Aria Rivers. I’m eighteen. I'm insensitive, I can't comfort people, I hate crowds, I hate corporate parties, I'm an introvert and can be... hostile towards people at times. I am also an avid reader. I play the piano, the guitar, and the drums. Oh, I owe my existence to music. More about me here
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